Most of my project experience has occurred at Michigan State University. From 2008 to 2011, I worked with Michigan State and the University of Connecticut to produce “Nightlife,” a health communication game required to reach a specific niche of the population. At the end of my game design track, I helped Scientifically Proven Entertainment work on “Man vs. Wild,” the game adaptation of the popular Discovery TV show.

Last year, I had the privilege to attend the Global Game Jam of 2011. My team produced “Xenu’s Revenge” in just 48 hours. I’ve had experience producing, developing and testing products and I can rapidly prototype my ideas effectively.


PhotobucketStarting in July of 2008, I worked on a Center-for-Disease-Control-funded sexual health communication game for the University of Connecticut’s health department. I managed bug reports and trained new testers to communicate their problems effectively. I planned out the scope of the project and was responsible for making sure tasks got done. I developed sound assets, scripted game events, set up scenes and solved logical issues with content.

Despite our lab not being a game development lab, the majority of our team either students or not even in the same state or other issues we tackled during development, we officially completed development in November of 2010 and recently finished patching issues in May of 2011.

Man vs. Wild

PhotobucketFor our final game specialization class at Michigan State University, we were lucky enough to collaborate with Scientifically Proven Entertainment, a company that had recently moved to Michigan from California making an Xbox 360 adaptation of the popular Man vs. Wild show on the Discovery Channel. As a designer, it was my and others’ responsibility to provide Man vs. Wild with ideas that they could implement into their game using quick prototypes our teams would develop. Several ideas that I and my team of programmers came up with were implemented into the final product.

Man vs. Wild was released for the Xbox 360 and is available for retail in stores nationwide as of April 26th, 2011.

Global Game Jam: Xenu’s Revenge

PhotobucketThe Global Game Jam is an event occurring every year in which teams from all over the world are given a theme and a time limit of 48 hours to develop a game around that theme. This year, we were tasked with making a game about “Extinction.” Our team developed “Xenu’s Revenge,” a game based on the controversial religion of Scientology in which you are the arch-nemesis “Xenu” who has invaded Earth to wipe out humanity. I designed the story and user interface and helped work on mechanics related to gameplay. Despite having only two days to develop it we were able to produce a playable product.